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Shining Leader (pt.1)

Title: Shining Leadership

Description: Heechul/Eeteuk friendship fic…?
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst…?
Disclaimer:  Super Junior owns themselves. I own my own opinions.  
My second fic! :O Inspired by watching Strong Heart, and after learning about all the chaos this kpop year brings.

Heechul knows he hasn’t got the best voice. He knows he can’t dance half as well as Eunhyuk can. He knows that he’s got a pretty face, and no one can deny that. Heechul knows that recently Eeteuk’s laughter has become a silent one.

Eeteuk has been watching over twelve other boys for the past five years. Fourteen boys, now.  Eeteuk has a big heart, and he partitions it so that he can attend to the welfare of fourteen other people. Fourteen exactly.

Heechul  greets his sunbaes and hoobaes with a halfhearted bow and muttered “Congratulations” or “Thank You’s.” But when Heechul sees Eeteuk- waving haphazardly and bobbing up and down, bowing at ninety degree angles in every direction, churning out “Congratulations” and “Thank You’s”, “Good Job”s and “You’ve worked hard”s, a fountain of praise and encouragement - he can’t help but to wish that he could do a little more. That would totally ruin his image though, and the “It’s acting” excuse can only get him so far.

Eeteuk knows how much Hangeng had struggled. Ever since the beginning he tried to help in any way he could, but found that he didn’t have the courage Heechul did. He finds that after four years nothing gets easier. Hangeng offers a soft smile, a thanks, and takes his own burdens back as he walks out the door.

Heechul can’t take the crap and pulls the mask away from the other’s face. If Hangeng is going to be a part of this group, people have to learn what he looks like, so that one day he can rival Heechul’s own popularity. Heechul spends most of his time with Hangeng, and learns to understand the other man. Heechul is there to translate Hankyung’s garbled and mixed messages, because Heechul understands him best. Even as he tries hard not to understand what happens next, Heechul knows that what Hangeng did was right.
Eeteuk feels a little sorry for Yehsung. He can see that Yehsung never gets the opportunity to show himself.  So Eeteuk speaks with the managers and tries to get Yehsung into as many shows as he can. Eeteuk lays down his own cobblestones so that Yehsung can step from them, and not get stuck in the mud.

Heechul is a little strange, but so is Yehsung. Heechul is there to provide Yehsung a fighting chance when it comes to variety shows. So Heechul acts outrageous- and doesn’t get edited out- and Yehsung starts to show his true colors, and his laughter escaped his lips faster than ever before.
Eeteuk was always close to Kangin. The two are the appa and omma of Super Junior, after all. But when Kangin gets drunk and gets into fights with other people, does reckless things, Eeteuk can’t help but feel that he’s let himself and Kangin down. When Kangin decides to start his military service, Eeteuk finds himself feeling just a little emptier inside.

Heechul is there to drink together with Kangin. They are both loud and raucous and brash. They fight but it’s okay, because it’s Heechul and Kangin, and you can’t really do anything about that. Heechul laughs at Kangin’s announcement and tells him that Super Junior would be just fine without him.
Eeteuk always thought he would be the first to get married. He would find a nice and pretty girl and they would love each other and all their faults and they would get married and live a normal life together… as normal as one gets when you’re part of a boy-band, anyway.  But Shindong beats him to the punch and Eeteuk doesn’t know what to do but feel excessive joy for him.

Heechul never really needs to assist Shindong. The guy has his act together, but Heechul will still be there in the wee hours of the morning when they want to nurse a cup of coffee and talk about the facts of life.
Eeteuk is there to make sure Sungmin has no problems…because Eeteuk never wants to see Sungmin cry again, not like that. Sungmin rarely ever gets angry, and so Eeteuk is there to share the smiles with and to offer his advice where it can be applied. Eeteuk feels there’s nothing he can really do for Sungmin, other than to lend his time.

Heechul and Sungmin get along splendidly, they really do. They talk about fashion and the latest gossip, and Heechul is there to take Sungmin’s mind off of Kyuhyun when the younger leaves for China. Heechul kisses Sungmin and that’s enough to fuel their playful banter for years to come.
Eeteuk encourages Siwon as much as he can because he knows that Siwon is still maturing, learning, growing. He is elated, really, that Siwon gets so many opportunities. Eeteuk tried his best to always be there, because he may not have experience in certain fields, but Eeteuk knows what a comfort it is when someone is there for you.

Heechul loves Siwon, he really does. The guy is handsome and together they make a drop dead gorgeous pair, and Heechul loves getting him in particularly risky situations because he exploits Siwon’s love for skin-ship. Heechul helps Siwon with his acting, but when Siwon tries to convert Heechul to Christianity, Heechul laughs and turns away…that’s a topic for another member.
Eeteuk and Eunhyuk have SuKiRa, Star King, and Strong Heart. He finds himself together with Eunhyuk more often than not, and it’s a comforting knowledge, that for the next however many years, he can have that presence by him… because Eunhyuk takes good care of his hyung, and Eeteuk fills his heart with gratitude.

Heechul and Eunhyuk aren’t awkward together at all. Heechul just isn’t sure how to approach the easy-going and sensitive dancer, rapper, jokester… Next to Eunhyuk, Heechul can’t help but to feel a little inferior, but Heechul reveals a particularly embarrassing comment about Eunhyuk, and their relationship becomes as steady as it ever was.

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