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Shining Leader pt. 2

Eeteuk wants to be there for Donghae no matter what. Because it was asked of him. Because he promised he would. Because Eeteuk has a big heart. Donghae is open to everything, and Eeteuk stands guard so that Donghae could never feel a loss or hurt as great as that one was again.
Heechul’s favorite by far is Donghae. It’s not just their past, but Donghae is a really hard person to not like. Heechul feels like a father that has watched his son grow up, and when Donghae turns in on himself nearing the same time every year, Heechul is the first to offer words of comfort or a shoulder to cry on.
Eeteuk feels the great urge to take care of his member’s every need. So Eeteuk tries to cook for his members. But Eeteuk can’t cook worth shit and Ryeowook soon takes over. The members learn to rely on him instead. Eeteuk doesn’t know what to do with himself, but he knows to feel great pride.

Heechul didn’t really like Ryeowook at first. But as the months passed and Ryeowook came out of his shell, Heechul found that Ryeowook had the potential for great(evil)ness. Ryeowook learns to stand on his own and Heechul stands by watching him grow.
Eeteuk loses Kibum after two years. Try as he might to keep in touch, Eeteuk is never able to reach him. Eeteuk wonders whether the rumors are affecting him in any way, if he is eating properly, getting enough sleep…Kibum’s part of Eeteuk’s heart is filled with worry.

Heechul is one of the few members who can get a hold of Kibum. Kibum has by now learned to check in with Heechul every once in a while, lest he be victim to an earful. Heechul knows how Kibum feels about the group, and that’s enough for him, because Heechul knows that Kibum can handle himself.
Eeteuk tries hard to not think about that day. Eunhyuk, Shindong, Kyuhyun….and while he is the one with the second worst wounds, Eeteuk can’t help but to wish that he were in Kyuhyun’s place. But Kyuhyun comes back, stronger than ever, and Eeteuk doesn’t think that he could have done the same.

Heechul influences Kyuhyun in ways no one can imagine. After spending days in the youngest’s hospital room talking at him about anything and everything, anyone can guess that Heechul’s sense of humour had to rub off a little. Whether it’s Starcraft or UFO replies, together they make a killer team, literally.
Eeteuk is struck by awe when he sees Henry. He wonders how Henry can be so strong, to leave his home and learn to become a star. Eeteuk hears the chants, and he sees Henry being sandwiched into a group hug he doesn’t seem to want to be a part of, but there’s a wide smile on his face. Eeteuk cries, because Henry doesn’t.

Heechul finds Henry cute. What could he say? The kid is talented. Heechul tries hard not to totally bash the only 13 fans, but deep inside he is seething with contempt for them. Backstage, Heechul tries his hardest to take Henry’s attention away from the thousands of screaming fans, and makes Henry laugh by attempting conversation in English.
Eeteuk learns about Zhou Mi and he starts to think the worst. But then Eeteuk sees Zhou Mi smiling among the members and he thinks that maybe it won’t turn out so bad after all. Eeteuk knows he isn’t Zhou Mi’s leader- not directly, because Hangeng is- but he is because Zhou Mi is a part of Super Junior. Eeteuk’s smile shrinks just a little, because Zhou Mi’s is bigger and bright enough for them both.

Heechul loves Zhou Mi because…who wouldn’t? The man practically radiates sunshine, and while Heechul would rather not be exposed to those rays at three in the morning, he can’t help but to feel like a burden is lifted when from his shoulders when they hit him. But Heechul knows that the sun can’t shine forever, and so he calls the other Seasoning and ruffles the hair of a person at least a head taller than him in an attempt to coax a smile out at any time he can.


Eeteuk finds himself repartitioning the space in his heart. Hangeng, Kangin, Kibum, Henry, Zhou Mi….nine even pieces. Nine exactly. Eeteuk uses his whole heart when he wishes with that Super Junior will be together forever. The partitioning may change, but the whole will always be there.

When Eeteuk is selfless and tries his hardest to take care of everyone else, Heechul will always be there backing him up. Heechul will always, and has always been the one with enough space in his heart to take care of Eeteuk, because as the leader of fourteen other people, Eeteuk forgets to think about himself.

>.< Is it bad? xD

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It seems so real... and no, it's not bad, it's good!^^ I really liked it. Thanks for sharing :D

I really like it!! That is how I see Leeteuk and Heechul... This is so real... Loved it a lot!!

I really loved this. it was adorable =)

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