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Of Caffeine and Healthier Alternatives
Title: Of Caffeine and Healthier Alternatives
Pairing: Myungsoo/Sungyeol
Rating: PG
Length: ~398
A/N: The second thing I've written in nearly a year. Haha. My productivity rate is so sad. Based off of something I read that said lately Sungyeol's been going for 'healthy juices' instead of coffee.

‘Sungyeol. You can’t drink that.’ Sunggyu says with a disapproving frown. He sets a bottle of pills, along with a tall glass of a murky liquid down in front of Sungyeol while pulling the mug away from Sungyeol’s face.

 ‘Hyung~ No! I’m fine, give it back!’ Sungyeol whines.

‘So that’s the pose of someone who’s “fine”, huh?’  

Sungyeol frowns at the glass from his position- bent over the table, cheek against the top, arms hanging loosely at his sides. Sunggyu sighs.

‘Look. Hyung made this especially for you. It’s full of vitamins! Take your medication, drink it, and you’ll be back to your annoying self in no time. I even put a straw in it! You should be grateful.’

Sungyeol wrinkles his nose at the glass.  

‘It’s gross.’

Sunggyu sighs, pats Sungyeol gently on the back, and leaves the kitchen- with Sungyeol’s coffee!


Sungyeol heaves a sigh, sits up to pop two of the pills into his mouth, then chugs half of the gritty “health drink” in one go.


 He sets his head back down on the tabletop and closes his eyes. There’s murmuring coming from the living room. Sungyeol doesn’t really care, until someone takes the seat across from him and the scent of delicious coffee drifts over to him.

‘My coffee!’ Sungyeol sits up quickly, jolting his arms in the process.


‘No, hyung. This is my coffee.’ Myungsoo smirks, taking a sip. Sungyeol squints at him.

‘You don’t even like coffee.’ Myungsoo shrugs.  

‘Drink your juice.’

Sungyeol sucks the rest of the concoction down furiously through the straw and makes a face when he’s done. Myungsoo smiles at him from across the table and leans in close.

‘I promised Sunggyu-hyung I wouldn’t give you the coffee- caffeine’s not good for you right now, anyway- but I can give you the taste.’

Then he presses his lips to Sungyeol’s.

Later Sunggyu returns to find Myungsoo on the couch, flipping through channels on the television, coffee still in hand, and Sungyeol sleeping with his head on Myungsoo’s lap.

‘He drank the juice. Then he got sleepy because of the pills.’ Myungsoo explains.

‘You didn’t give him any, did you?’ Sunggyu squints, pointing an accusatory finger at him, and the mug.

‘No, hyung.’

Sunggyu offers him a suspicious glance before nodding to himself and heading to his room.


Sungyeol hides his smile in Myungsoo’s thigh.

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That was so cuuuuute <3 Lol, Sunggyu's trying to be a good leader,with his... health drink , but Myungsoo will forever be mischievous, and Yeol will forever be whiny. XD

Hehehe. Thanks for reading! :3

Aw, suspicious Sunggyu is so cute.
I like the last line. ^^

asdhsa this is so cute <3 from myungsoo giving sungyeol a kiss until the suspicious sunggyu <33

Sunggyu is always so suspicious of everythingggg >.>
But he has to be, with those children as group members. xD

Thanks for reading! :D

These boys are precious.

ahahaha!!! xD I love Sunggyu in this so much OTL and he's not even the main focus.

This really, Myungsoo and Sungyeol's characters were both so amazing here~♥ ^^

Haha awww that was cute! Poor Yeol....its hard being a caffeine addict.

I can never not see Sungyeol without imagining coffee. All because of Sesame Player. xD

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