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[QMi] Waiting...

Title: Waiting
Pairing: QMi ft. Won, Geng, Wook, Hae, Ry.
Rating: PG
Length: ~1179

Genre: Romance, Mystery, AU! Kinda…
Disclaimer: All I own is the stories of them that my brain makes up.
Summary: The lantern festival is the only chance he has to meet the one he’s been waiting for. :D
Note: My first time posting. :3 This is for

            A dark haired boy sits listlessly by the window, wonders why his parents had to move him to this country where he doesn’t speak the language, is unfamiliar with his surroundings. ‘It’s for your own good’ they tell him and slide closed the door to his new room, sparsely decorated, with the exceptions of a few books. Back home he’d been plagued by dreams where he is lost in a crowd, sees the silhouette of a figure moving away from him, chases, but to no avail. He’s been in this new place for weeks now, bored to the point where he sits by his window and counts the leaves that scatter from the tree in front of his home when the wind blows. No doubt his parents believed that if he was away, that the dreams would stop and their son would no longer be so paranoid; but the dreams are still there, reversed, the silhouette comes ever nearer.

Looking out the window now, the leaves are being tossed by the brisk evening wind. He catches his breath when he sees a tall figure standing just beyond the boundaries of his home. He places a hand to the window, blinks, and the figure is gone. He continues to look out his window when he notices the glow from lanterns a few blocks away. The boy has a nagging feeling that he needs to search for someone, someone he’ll find at a few streets away, gets up and wanders down the stairs to where his parents sit conversing with each other. They look up as he enters the room, surprise on their faces when he tells them he’ll go mingle with people at the festival; they let him go.

The site is bustling with people dressed in colorful silks, smells strongly of incense coupled with the perfume from the flowers on the trees that dot the land. Small children play with sparklers, the embers bursting and falling to the ground like rain, reflecting in their bright eyes. The boy focuses on a flash of green, a jade table, two handsome men stand around it, admiring a majestic horse carved out of jade. The slightly shorter male - looks native to this country - has softer features, graceful movements, uses his hand to cover his mouth when soft laughter escapes from it, after something he has said. His companion has broad shoulders, strong facial expressions punctuated by hand gestures, gives off a royal presence - pushes the other lightly on the shoulder, pouts, speaks in an accent the boy finds familiar, comforting - so he's not so out of place in this country after all.

He turns and makes his way through the crowd, stopping near a small and low bridge built over running water which pools in a small pond just a few feet away. He watches the reflections of the lanterns strung overhead waver in the water, disrupted by the tails of the fish that live there. His eyes are drawn across the way by a voice, where he notices a petite boy singing, accompanied by a boy who plays a stringed instrument, adding to the festivities. In front of them a bubbly boy dances under a paper lantern in the shape of a dragon- it sways in the breeze, a dance that all of them share. There are smiles on their faces and the boy starts to wonder if he will ever have the kind of friendship he observes in them. He pulls his clothes tighter around himself and turns away.

He turns, only to be met head on by a group of screaming children, who chase each other with sparklers, exclaiming their delight. They rush past him; the unexpected encounter causing the boy to lose his balance, and in a heart-stopping moment he teeters towards the edge of the bridge. He gets ready for the impact which never comes. A hand grabs his, and he is pulled into a warm body encased in soft gold. He is stunned, doing nothing for a moment but listen to the stranger's soft laughter, hears ‘小心’, catches a glimpse of a smile that could rival the sun and a butterfly embroidered on the breast of his savior. In the next moment he is moved to a place where he has more footing, and finds himself alone. The boy turns where he now stands, peering over the heads of people in the crowd, hoping for a glimpse of gold. He sees no one.

He wanders through the crowds again, makes his way across the small bridge and to the trio he saw earlier. He looks at them hiding himself in the crowd, admires the skill with which the dancer executes his moves, and the player plucks the strings on his instrument. The petite one begins to sing a song, a song that, much to his surprise, he knows, and after few moments of contemplation adds his voice into the mix. The singer’s eyes widen in surprise, but he continues to sing, with a small smile on his face, and gestures for the boy to step out of the crowd and closer to his group. He does, after a moment of hesitation, and turns to face the crowd who all have looks of awe upon their faces. It’s a love song, and he sees near the front the couple he saw earlier, soft smiles on their faces, hands clasped, lightly singing along. When the song ends, he turns to the trio and thanks them, but they are the ones thanking him; everything dissolves in clapping, smiles, and laughter.

Without thinking, his eyes are drawn back to the crowd, feeling eyes linger upon him. He gasps as a face comes into view, a distantly familiar one, one he feels he’s been looking for for far too long. There is a smile on that face, and the lips whisper words of compliment, of promise, and of waiting. When he moves forward the small group he has just made friends with pulls him along, taking a break from entertaining for something to eat. The face is once again lost in the crowd and he lets out a small cry of anguish, lets himself be pulled along.

It’s late in the evening now, and the boy excuses himself from the group he’s just met, telling them that he needs to get home before it gets too dangerous. His time with them was well spent, playing games and sampling foods; he sings again with them before his night comes to an end. Still, the boy can’t help but feel that he has lost something. Twice, he had almost grasped it, twice he had let it get away. He hears a familiar laugh carried on the wind, stops and turns, almost on a whim. He almost lets out a cry of relief at what he now finds in front of him, under the glowing light of a lantern, the one he’s been searching for. He rushes forward and is gathered once again in a warm embrace.

“我等待你很久了, 圭賢. 我愛你.”


小心 = be careful

我等待你很久了, 圭賢. = I’ve waited for you for so long, Kui Xian.

我愛你. = I love you.


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spot for kagami, if she ever sees this. :]

\( *///A///* )/
A MILLION SPARKLES AND HEARTS, asjflajfd my hands are shaking so hard right now it's hard to type...

The details in this were so gorgeous, all the colors and sounds and scents... The phantom of his dreams that he can't stop chasing.. and eventually reuniting, and feeling of completion. Ugg. Relief. Satisfaction. Now I have to go back and read this again~ ♥

The Sihan and Henwookhae were really pleasant additions as well! <3

I'm so touched that you wrote this for me.. :'D I have this big smiley face right now, and if I could sing, I would sing for you. There's just nothing quite like reading Qmi after a long, hard day to replenish all your energy again~ I'm so happy... Thank you!! ♥♥♥

"he is pulled into a warm body encased in soft gold."
I actually FELT this...;A;

"There is a smile on that face, and the lips whisper words of compliment, of promise, and of waiting."
I really really like this line, it says so much ♥

"He hears a familiar laugh carried on the wind, stops and turns, almost on a whim. He almost lets out a cry of relief [...] rushes forward and is gathered once again in a warm embrace."
So beautiful so beautiful... warm hugs are the loveliest things in the world (*´Д`)=3

yay! I'm so glad you like it! :D

Wow, I really liked this :) I loved the imagery you created, and how beautifully you interpreted the phrase while incorporating the characters. And I adored the sweet ending ♥ Yay qmi~

This was a nice surprise, thanks for sharing!

:D That made me really happy! >.>
Thank you!! ♥♥

yay.. oh.. i really love Qmi fic especially when mimi calls out kui xian.. it's very sweet..

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