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Title: Suck
Pairing: Myungsoo/Sungyeol
Rating: PG
Length: ~316
A/N: I've been so bored lately, I've come up with Infinite!fic. This is actually a late Halloween fic. :3 This is the first thing I've written for the fandom, I hope you guys enjoy it~ :3

When Myungsoo opens the door, it's to see a tall young man, all dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin and red lips. He's in mostly black, and there's a hint of a white dress shirt peeking out from underneath the coat he's wearing. There are multiple piercings in his ears and rings adorning the long, elegant fingers. The figure standing at his door seems all too serious until he opens his mouth.

"Trick or treat!" He exclaims, as a smile spreads across those lips, and Myungsoo can see just the barest hint of a sharp canine.

"I don't have anything for you," Myungsoo starts.

"I'm sure you do" the other man argues back.

"My light wasn't even on! What are you even supposed to be anyway?" Myungsoo asks, feeling irritation and yet intrigue, feels like there's something keeping him standing there when there's absolutely no reason Myungsoo can't just slam the door in this boy's face.

"I'm a vampire! I'm here to suck your blood!" laughter bubbles easily out of the boy's mouth after this is said and Myungsoo can now see the sharper teeth clearly. He shudders.

"Well, that's great and all, but I honestly don't have anything for you--"

Myungsoo cuts himself off.

The boy is looking straight at him now, expectantly with those dark eyes and, startled, Myungsoo takes a step back. This apparently invites the stranger to come closer because the next thing he knows Myungsoo's senses are overrun with the proximity of this figure.

All Myungsoo can see now is part of this man's ear and his dark hair curling along a pale column of neck. Myungsoo takes a breath and feels the other man do the same. Words are whispered right by his ear, warm breath ghosting along the left side of his neck...

"I guess it'll be a treat for me. Don't worry, I'll give you one too."

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*gasp* Why was he not at my door on the 31st!!!!??? TAT Vampire!Sungyeol sounds appealing~<3

Vampire!Sungyeol has been very appealing to me ever since BTD, and Paradise just cemented the idea to the front of my brain. Yeol seems like he'd be a vampire with a painful past, and he's just trying to make it better...

yeah, his atmosphere in BTD was really amazing, really vampire like =^= *sigh* He's probably the prettiest vampire out there. A pitiful one I think. OTL

This was great! I can see Sungyeol doing/acting this way :D Your writing style is very easy to read & I would love to see more from fic from you!
Also, the end was quite intense~ Very nice!

Thank you! ♥
I feel like I only ever write anything once every two years or so. (The same way I draw nice things. xD) I have a lot of plots running around, so maybe I can try to write another? :3

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